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International Students

[vc_text_paragraph emphasis="1"]If you are looking for an Institution that gives you a strong academic formation, personal growth and receives you with arms open wide, UNASP is the right place for you. Here you will find an environment that embraces culture and welcomes everyone from around the world. Recognized by excellence in education and its cultural diversity, UNASP receives every year students from all the four corners of the world. Giving them unforgettable memories.[/vc_text_paragraph]
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How to enroll at Unasp — step by step

  • 1. Tax Payment

    After enrolling for the vestibular (admission exam) at UNASP payment must be made. This must be done in Brazil via Boleto Bancário at the bank's offices or online before it expires. If the Boleto Bancário expires you can request a second copy of it by accesing our page ``Processo Seletivo``. Insert your registration information and print your new Boleto Bancário.

  • 2. Exam

    Ask a monitor, could be your School Principal, Pastor, Education Department Director or Treasurer in your country to apply the exam. The same must be taken at the same day and time as the one in Brazil. (make sure to take into account the different time zones).
    For further inquiry contact us at this email:

  • 3. Elrollment at Campus

    To proceed with the enrollment go to the campus where you have chosen to study and hand over a copy of your documents. RNE, equivalency of studies, academic transcripts from elementary school and secontary school with seal of the Brazilian consulate or embassy at your contry.

    to get your RNE, email Policía federal at or call
    +55 11 3535-5345

  • 4. Student Visa

    To acquire your student visa you must request a declaration of student from your dean's office. Submit this form to the Brazilian Consulate and request the Student Via. The Visa is granted for one year. If the duration of your course is longer than a year, you must renew it accordingly.

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Volunteer Services

UNASP is an institution that motivates its students to care about each other. Through humanitarian aid, besides academic formation you have the opportunity to participate in social projects in different cultures and countries around the world.


Unasp histories

Why study at UNASP?

Excellence in Education

UNASP is an institution that prepares professionals for more than a hundred years.

Safe and Christian Environment

Life at UNASP is best when you are close to what is happening. Studay at unasp, stay in our boarding school.

Qualified and approachable Professors

Faculty members composed of 667 professors. 82% of them have master or doctoral degree.

Foreign Exchange Program and English Immersion

Here, you make part of a cultural exchange program.

Friends for a lifetime

At Unasp you build healthy and eternal friendship bonds.

Much more

The Unasp is a unique place! Some amazing experiences have to be lived here. Try it!

Experience a full Immersion

Are you coming to UNASP and you do not know the language? Don’t worry! We value your education and offer you the change to take a full immersion Portuguese course in addition to the classes. Keep involved in the campus routine and enjoy a unique experience constantly making new friends and memories at UNASP.


Campus life

Live and study in the same place is a singular experience to your structure!


Engenheiro Coelho

Estrada Municipal Pastor Walter Boger, S/N - Lagoa Bonita, Eng. Coelho - SP, 13448-900


Rua Pr. Hugo Gegembauer, 265 Cep 13184-010 / Hortolândia - SP

São Paulo

Estrada de Itapecerica, 5859 Cep 05858-001 / São Paulo - SP

Educação a Distância

Estrada Mun. Pr. Walter Boger, km 3,5 Cep 13448-900 - Caixa postal 88 / Eng. Coelho – SP

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